What we do


What We Do


Establishing and maintaining a business relationship within a foreign partners or countries present a set of challenges for which many companies may be unprepared. Performing proper due diligence to verify the integrity and financial soundness of your prospective business partner(s) is critical in managing the risks.

Your company could incur unexpected financial liability if you deal with individuals or companies that violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

Many countries offering excellent new business opportunities have experienced recent political and social turmoil. Some countries have proved to be inherently unsafe for travel by US citizens where they have been subjected to kidnappings and murder. We can help reduce and manage these risks.

Paul Ivonye can draw from a team of current or retired lawyers, arbitrators, accountants, bankers, law enforcement agents, IT experts, and other professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the countries they oversee.
Our primary purpose is to conduct due diligence services for United States companies or individuals wishing to establish or maintain a business in Nigeria, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, and most West African countries. It is our goal to ensure that our clients are well informed and prepared prior to entering into any agreement or contract with the foreign entity.

The business environment is becoming increasingly international. It is imperative that you immerse yourself and think like the people you are dealing with to achieve better understanding and results. Paul Ivonye is here to provide the support needed for your company.

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