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  • Due Diligence
  • Negotiation
  • Arbitration
  • International Contracting
  • FCPA Compliance
  • Joint Venture Matching
  • Relocation Consulting
  • Legal Services

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Our multilingual staff can provide support for business opportunities you may be pursuing as follows:

  • A detailed report containing verifiable business history, references, credit worthiness, and other business relationships your partner(s) may have. The report will be based on a research and a thorough background check.
  • International contract negotiation. We will negotiate the contract in such a way as to minimize your risks. Our team of lawyers is well equipped to handle this critical service.
  • Reduce or eliminate the need to travel to the foreign country. We will travel to the foreign country on your behalf. If possible, and with your agreement, we will use our associates in the foreign country.

This will be without loss of service as a means to provide the most efficient service.

  • Consultation and advice. We are intimately familiar with customs, language, and operating environment of the countries in which we operate. 


Almost every business activity is subject to some inherent risk.  Operating in a foreign country presents additional risk.  The related services provided by our company are designed to reduce and manage this risk.  This will allow you to concentrate on making your business a success instead of dealing with problems which are really not business related. 

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